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    Linda Tooch of Insight Copy Editing has received many deserving accolades and will no doubt have a hand in the success of many more writings to come.

    She has a keen eye and carefully reviews her clients' work for accuracy, clarity, and consistency of content.

  • Insight Copy Editing

    Linda Tooch of Insight Copy Editing is an experienced manuscript editor and proofreader who has a passion for perfection.

    Not only does she read her clients' manuscripts for punctuation and spelling corrections, she reads for continuity and flow. She loves what she does and it shows in her detailed work and thorough feedback to authors.


I cannot remember a day when I did not have a book in my hands . . .

I started out as a beta reader, reading books just to give writers feedback. As it turned out, I found it impossible to read the manuscripts without making corrections to the punctuation and moving words around to make the story flow better.

It was suggested by a several authors that I should be proofreading rather than beta reading, so I did that for a couple of months. I then realized that what I had actually been doing with the manuscripts was copy editing.

With my work, I look for plot and fact errors, correct punctuation and spelling, and make sure that each sentence is relevant and has no loose ends. Also, if a passage does not read well, I make changes to the wording or I move words, sentences and phrases to make the work more readable and cohesive.

Making books better is in my blood, it is where I find happiness and fulfillment, and I cannot imagine doing anything else.