Ben Reeder

Ben Reeder_001Ben Reeder’s parents claim they found him in a pineapple patch in Hawai’i and brought him home, which was their way of telling him that he was adopted. He grew up in South Texas reading Tolkien, Asimov, and Robert E. Howard. Ben has always loved telling stories, and in high school, he wrote pulp style action adventures for his friends. Ben has been filling notebooks and hard drives with stories and ideas ever since.

After graduating from Calallen High School, Ben joined the Air Force to see the world. The Air Force had other ideas, and he ended up in Kansas. Since serving his country, Ben has had a myriad of jobs. He has worked in a video arcade, on a farm, selling ads, a clerk in a convenience store, scanning medical records, and has been a manager and in a New Age bookstore.

Over the years, he learned archery and sword fighting in the Society for Creative Anachronisms, became a solitary Wiccan, plus he has learned a little bit about a host of other religions, trained to be a massage therapist, has attained his second level in reiki and can list a dozen other skills that have no particular use outside of an historical recreation event or one of his stories.

Currently, Ben lives in Springfield Missouri with his girlfriend Randi, and a pride of cats, led by their orange king Musaba.

In an attempt to remain cool and somewhat relevant in the eyes of his grandkids, he has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and even has a writer’s blog page and an author page.

Have a look at his website for additional information about Ben.